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The symbol of God's precious blessing.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Dress: “The Comfort”, Collection: The Beatitudes Fabric: Moire Taffeta by Bucol, France, Lace by Darquer.

The comfort we receive from God is a precious gift. We cannot comfort or even calm our heart on our own. We try to drown out fear, pain and despair, driving it to the bottom of our soul where it remains; but left there these negative emotions can destroy our health and our relationships.

But God has promised us His healing consolation from heaven: ‘The Peace of God that surpasses understanding’ fills the heart when we quietly come to Him, ceasing to fight for ourselves, allowing Him to protect us, cover us with His love.

I intentionally made the hem of this dress too long, you can walk in it only if you hold the skirt up with both hands - as a symbol of the fact that it is only by letting go of all the ways we protect ourselves - vanity, revenge, hatred, and realizing our need for support that we open up to incredible blessings.

This dress is made from two of the most expensive fabrics of the 20th century: French Taffeta Moire silk and Chantilly lace. Moire silk taffeta is woven in the town of Lyon in France, still using the technology from the days of Marie Antoinette where the best silk is clamped between wooden plates so that the finest Moire pattern remained on it. Fabric with this treatment was so rare and expensive that even aristocrats used it only as a ribbon, as can be seen in portraits in museums. Even today this silk is the most expensive and exquisite high fashion fabric. We used such a fabric as a symbol of God's precious blessing that never ceases to pour out on those who, in simplicity, open their hearts to His Love.

Our craftswomen worked on this dress for hundreds of hours, achieving the perfect fit of the bodice - this is ‘top of the class’ sewing art! The tight bodice of the dress on a gold lining personifies the protection of the heart and the beaded embroidery on the bodice represents droplets of our shed tears. Not a single tear will go unnoticed by your heavenly Father. Beret from luxurious French lace - a symbol of coverage and protection for our thoughts. It is decorated with and unique Brooch by Daniel Swarovski - olive branch is the symbol of anointing.

It is very difficult for me to retell in words what the Holy Spirit revealed to me when we created these dresses. My words seem pale and shallow, but I pray that the Lord Himself will show you how much He loves you .....

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Matthew 5: 3-4

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