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Beauty by God Fashion Show

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

at 5 pm

Embassy of France, Washington, DC 

The four winners of the Beauty by God International Fashion Competition 2018 had a great show at the 30th International Couture Collections Showcase:

Kristina Yurchenko from Ukraine,

Shannon Melick from the USA,

Ye Hee Jung from South Korea.

Their beautiful fashion collections inspired by the Holy Bible!


Beauty by God Ladies Event

September 22, 2018   6:30pm

Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg, VA USA 

I am pleased to invite you to a beautiful evening of Fellowship and Fashion.  We will hear from two young, talented designers, Shannon Melick and Yehee Jung, who along with Aleona Isakova, are creating fashion designs that glorify God.  God is using them to pierce through the darkness with his beauty.  Aleona will also share about mentoring these ladies and how mentoring expands God’s kingdom.

“Therefore clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.”  Romans 13:14

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 7.11.36 PM.png

Beauty by God Retreat Day

Saturday, September 16TH, 2017

Waterford, VA USA 

How is fashion being used today by the kingdom of darkness to shape the attitudes and values of our culture? How can fashion be used to help make the Bible “come alive” for this generation?  Are you willing to contribute your ideas to help encourage a new generation of fashion designers to advance God’s kingdom into the nations of the world?


Retreat day that will include times of praise, teaching, a special presentation to introduce the vision for the “Beauty By God” International Fashion Competition, brainstorming, prayer and great fellowship!

Fashion Show in London UK "The Fashion Adventure: Beauty by God"

Saturday, 20th February 2016 - 6pm
​Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London UK

Pastor Larry Trishkin about our fashion Show in London:
"We can only thank God for the tremendous time experienced here in London during The Fashion Adventure: Beauty by God event with anointed designer and minister, Aleona Isakova on Saturday, 20th February 2016.
Without a doubt, God's name was glorified through the visions of beauty that were paraded along the isles; the Word of God coming alive and His story being told through costly fabrics and precious stones. For too long we have limited God's ability to speak through Fashion, but it is His desire to permeate every area, industry and culture of our societies. There is not one person alive on the face of this earth who does not wear some form of clothing, even if it be limited to just some tribal 'string', but no matter who you are or where you are from, clothing is something that is with us every single day of our lives, and for the majority of us, we are clothed even when we sleep. So we have to ask the question; why WOULDN'T God want to use fashion to reach those who are lost?"

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