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" 2018 was the year God rebuilt and relaunched my life. As I created this capsule collection for Beauty by God, God broke my mold and recreated my hair and healed my heart. I went to the Onething conference praying for a miracle and started the year immersed in Esther's prayer, asking the King to save my people. I think its important to pray prayers that can only be fulfilled through God working through you, your children, and your children's children. When you look far, it calls on God to help you take your next step. I love that art challenges you to express who God is, yet it requires humility and faithfulness to the smallest of details. He must increase but I must decrease! I feel so close to God when I'm making creative decisions. It was one of the most difficult yet invigorating challenges. These dresses made me realize I'm a part of a story that is so much bigger than what I could possibly imagine."  Ye Hee Jung, winner of Beauty by God fashion contest.

Beauty by God Fashion Show and Encounter in February 2019

Washington DC, USA


Thank you for your prayers and support of the Beauty by God project. 

As Christians we support young designers to create with inspiration in God’s source Bible.

Our project team spent ten days in Washington DC, USA the house  full of smiles, laughter and tears, prayers and worries, lace and silk, serious stories and jokes. Our big table had next to each other beautiful Korean-Turkish meals cooked with love, incredibly advanced video equipment from London, piles of beads for decorations and open Bibles, all covered by God’s light, His gentle touch and presence. All those days our team of Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, Englishmen and Korean walked hand in hand overcoming cultural, language differences, trusting Christ in our hearts.  

The main fashion show was held on Sunday February 24 in French Embassy as part of Washington Fashion Week 2019 Haute Couture division. Despite the turmoil we felt great joy from God. Suddenly people around started smiling. After the show models did thank us for the joy to show dresses from Beauty by God designers.The collections received most of ovations and we were congratulated with real success.  We can strongly stand with God’s word in the world shaken by economy, ecology and belief crises. God is a creator who gave us an ability to create new and beautiful things.

The Lord was shining through the collections of our talented designers, winners of  Beauty by God  fashion competition 2018 -2019 Shannon Melick, Yehee Jung and Kristina Yurchenko." Aleona Isakova, director of Charitable Leonard Foundation.


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"My name is Khrystyna Yurchenko, I am one of the winners of the Beauty by God fashion contest. I would like to share my experience of participating in this competition and about everything that happened after my victory ... I could describe it in word-blessing! The whole way from the beginning of creation to presentation was full of miracles and blessings! I experienced something incredible while preparing my collection. I got an experience that I didn’t have before ... experience in creating a biblical collection as well as an incredible spiritual content. I was surrounded by people with huge experience in the field of fashion and art! They not only surrounded me but also filled me with invaluable advice, help, support and their empathetic leadership! During the preparation of my collection, I gained more experience than 2 years of study at almost any Institute of Design. I successfully prepared my collection and presented it at Washington D.C Fashion Week, Virginia. I and other winners of the contest presented their collections in D.C very successful, and the visitors of the fashion show were an incredible delight. This competition is a great impetus for young designers and for those who are interested in finding inspiration in the Bible texts or who are interested in seeing the beauty of the world from the beginning of its creation ..."  Khrystyna Yurchenko, the winner of the Beauty by God fashion contest
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Dress by K Yurchenko, photo by Yvonne Taylor
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Dress by Ye Hee Jung
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