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Convergence Dress by Ye Hee Jung

Ye Hee Jung

South Korea

Yehee Jung a graduate of Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea B.F.A., Textile Art & Fashion Design.

"Fashion is an intricate, delicate tool to express God's glory in extravagant ways and I want to be a good steward to the creative ability God has given me."- she told.


Instagram: yeheeheart

Facebook: Ye Hee (Jung)


Dress Esther by Shannon Melick

Shannon Melick


Shannon Melick, born and raised in Herndon, Virginia, has always been drawing.  What does she draw you ask?  Clothes of course!  Inseparable from pen and paper, she developed an interest in bringing her creations to life.  She is now a Senior fashion design student at Pratt institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she is working on her senior collection. 


Throughout the years, Shannon’s many passions have worked to shape her voice as a designer.  A love of figure skating, historical costume, elaborate embellishment, and her faith in Jesus Christ are Shannon’s main sources of inspiration for her senior collection titled, “Fashion and Flora of Women in the Word.”  In her collection, Shannon strives to bring attention to the outstanding strength, grace and courage of the women in the Bible while using the language of flowers to articulate their individual traits and stories.


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Dress Garden Eden by Kristina Yurchenko

Kristina Yurchenko 


She was born in a Christian family. 16 years old she became a member of the National Paralympic Team and won Paralympic Games in 2012 (London). She had to leave the sport for health reasons and entered the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design.  She told "God has always been with me and guided me through many difficult circumstances, turning everything to work together for good. I would like to glorify Him through fashion design I create." 


Instagram: @k_yurchenko_k

Etsy: OplichLeatherGoods

Oleg Nawski 5.jpg

Costume by Oleg Tarnavsky

Oleg Tarnavsky 


He got education in the medical college but sewing clothes is his calling from God. Oleg is congenitally deaf. The designer has never heard in his life any sound of sewing machine, but this does not prevent from creating delightful things.

Facebook: Oleg Nawski

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