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The Grace of the Lord blooms in our lives each new day.

Dress: The Grace.

“I’m like a princess!” said Marina, the young model on whom we were fitting the gown called The Grace. Yes! It’s true! We are all Royalty when we are clothed in God’s Beautiful Grace - the gift of God’s infinite Love. This gift is given to every person who calls on His Name.

Our dress, The Grace, is made to look like an amazing gift, and as a symbol of the gift is decorated with a large bow, made of silk and attached with hand embroidered bead work. The same floral motif is repeated in the silk embroidery on the top of the bodice. These delicate embroideries were made with prayer and love in our workshop for hundreds of hours. There is a transparent light pink veil to cover the model’s face - God gives us the power to look at people through Grace and Love, and not through condemnation and hatred.

The huge skirt barely fits on the podium, taking up more than 4 meters (more than 13ft!) for the crinoline to fit on the runway, symbolizing that when we open our hearts to God, His Grace fills the entire space of our life. The combination of soft sage-green priceless Taffeta Moire silk and sheer tulle with tiny pink flowers coveys a sense of spring bloom and freshness, just as the Grace of the Lord blooms in our lives each new day. A life in Grace is a life in the freedom of God’s Forgiveness and in the Joy of the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are saved by Grace, not by deeds, so that pride does not destroy our heart. Living by Grace is a choice. It is impossible to simultaneously wear the prison robes of the law and the beautiful dress of Grace. Putting on God’s Grace, you accept His forgiveness forever and you are no longer under judgement, sin no longer has power in your life. In God’s Grace we find freedom!

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1 Comment

Hana Yah
Hana Yah
Aug 08, 2021

I'm so in love with this beautiful dress and her story. Thank you so much for use your talent for show the love of Abba. Be truly blessed in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ Amen 🥰

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